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1st Bite

1st Bite
1:58:12 | 2007

Categories: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

From a tropical island in Thailand to the Caribbean islands of Montreal and Montserrat, a philandering chef's search for the Zen of cooking leads to the secrets of love. Filled with spiritual mystery and crossing the line of fantasy and reality, this comedy crosses genres as it crosses the world, mixing Asian folklore with Western sensibility. In this critically acclaimed international production, Gus is a confident and successful Canadian chef. When a patron suddenly dies in his restaurant, and it looks like it could be food poisoning, he goes on a mission of self-discovery to a remote Thai island to learn the Zen of cooking. He meets Lek, a young woman who promises to make him the best Thai chef in Canada, but Gus soon finds himself captive by her mystical beauty. It turns out that Lek may hold the secret to the recipe of nothing less than love itself! Can Gus escape with her knowledge or will he pay the ultimate price for what he has learned?


Reviews: A 2 Fans
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