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Austin High

Austin High
1:41:00 | 2011

Categories: Comedy, Cult Classics

Welcome to Ladybird High School, nestled comfortably amongst the soul-searchers, aging hippies, and nouveau weirdos of famously freewheeling Austin, Texas. At Ladybird, it’s always 4:20, even for Principal Samuel Wilson. But when the community is rocked by a citywide crackdown on marijuana use, local leaders are determined to make an example of Samuel, his staff and students. Asked to support these iron-fisted efforts, Samuel is beset with the task of cleaning up his beloved school without compromising his life philosophy. Knowing there's more than just fun at stake, Samuel's daughter and crew of oddball friends try to keep him honest along the way. In the city officials’ “war on weird,” Samuel and the rest of the blazed faculty and students of Ladybird High will have to conform or pay the price. The fight is under way, and everyone must find the courage to stand up and defend the city they love, before it’s stripped of its unique essence and mutated into the latest American strip mall: a drab monument to consumerism. A coming-of-age comedy in the spirit of Dazed and Confused, AUSTIN HIGH features a stellar ensemble cast right from the source.


Reviews: A+ 12 Fans
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