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Fished Out: The Truth Behind Lionfish Addiction

Fished Out: The Truth Behind Lionfish Addiction
18:28 | 2013

Categories: Comedy, Shorts

"The lionfish invasion is probably the worst environmental disaster the Atlantic will ever face," said Graham Maddocks, president and founder of Ocean Support Foundation. Lionfish eat the reef, the world's natural food source. They are not native to the Atlantic, and have arrived there due to two theories: A toppled aquarium during Hurricane Andrew and a sunken ship off the coast of Indonesia. Lionfish multiply at an astronomical rate and all they do is eat what they're not supposed to with no known predators to stop them, until now. Junkie's are getting high off the spines. It contains a poisonous venom a hundred times more potent than synthetic heroin. Since it's basically open season on Lionfish and the Puerto Rican government actually offers $2 a fish in San Juan, they are basically turning their heads to the new epidemic that has been created. "Save the reef, get rid of the junkies, the lion spine!"  Follow Danny and Joey, a kid from New York who had it all down in PR on a surf trip who gets introduced to the spine by Joey. Once you start, there is no turning back from nature's delight, the third spine of the Lionfish.


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