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1:36:26 | 2010

Categories: Comedy, Romance

Leo Monroe is a young man on the verge of adulthood and on the verge of a meltdown - in this charmingly dysfunctional comedy filled with wacky characters, a topical storyline and budding romance. Forced to leave college after losing his student loan in a bad economy, Leo returns to his childhood home to find it is in the primary stages of foreclosure. To make matters worse, he also discovers his relatives and neighbors are losing their homes as well. In an effort to keep the family afloat, all of Leo's relatives, who are universally unemployed, must move into Leo's house together. Igniting the tension in this claustrophobic suburban home is Leo's one time love and neighbor; Sam is also moving in. "Subprime" is an off beat family minefield of a comedy dealing with today's housing crisis and unemployment meltdown through the comedic lens of suburban youth coming-of-age in the midst of it all.


Reviews: C+ 4 Fans
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