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The Higher Force

The Higher Force
1:22:53 | 2008

Categories: Comedy, Action, Crime, Foreign

Set in Reykjavik, Iceland, David, a low-life debt collector, becomes the main man of his paranoid debt collector gang by pretending to know a renowned crime lord, a neighbor of his who happens to be a lonely school teacher with illusion of grandeur and troubles at work. As the gang goes about their business, David is increasingly entangled in his lies, feeding the gang information about the crime lord's big plans and escalating operations. David risks his life spying on the "dangerous" crime lord, but is ever more challenged when the "crime lord's" behavior becomes increasingly erratic. As the pressure increases from the gang to move against the "crime lord" to divert his plans, the gutless David must take action or end up in a ditch.

In this absolutely new brand of comedy, de Fleur showcases the finely drawn eccentricities of his character ensemble, with a pitch-perfect timing and a simple, genuine knack for storytelling. Brought to life by a talented cast, anchored by seasoned Icelandic and international actors, The Higher Force is an unforgettable ride and a delightful romp that cuts through cultures and genres.


Reviews: B+ 2 Fans
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