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The Nextnik

The Nextnik
1:16:56 | 2012

Categories: Comedy, Drama

The Nextnik is the story of professional and personal reinvention in your 50's. Larry worked for the same company for 25 years. He went from the very bottom to the very top. Then one day, without warning, He's Downsized. Fired. Larry knows he'll never make the same money in the same field ever again. Larry defined his whole life by what he did and how much he made. The shock of being fired by the same man who hired him 25 years earlier has made him redefine what success is. How much control he has over his life. What will he do? Larry decides he needs to start over, to try something new, something different. Enter Mark, long lost free spirited old college roommate. Turning him on to makers, not just executives. Larry also has to deal with a girlfriend of 3 years who was drawn to him because of his executive drive. According to Emma, doing anything other than 'getting back on the horse' is foolish. Even with Emma's passive aggressive responses to his desire to experiment, Larry is determined, even though most all of what he tries is foreign to him. In his search, he meets Ann, a computer nerd who helps him discover what he really wants. In the end we find out who's advice will he follow, and what he really wants.


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