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The Unidentified

The Unidentified
1:48:33 | 2008

Categories: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Estlin, a young idealist, is thrust into the real world without the protective bubble of college he's grown accustomed to. His job at a local newspaper doesn't promote social change and Brooke, his political partner in crime, is leaving Brooklyn for Ohio. Frustrated and lost, he falls for Sophie, a whimsical artist with an optimistic view of life. As their relationship grows, Estlin discovers a dark, secretive undertone to Sophie's simplistic take on the world. But when he pursues the truth, their relationship crumbles, plunging him further into confusion and isolation. With seemingly nowhere else to go, he heads to a protest in Washington, DC. But as he searches for the remains of 1960s idealism, he must come to terms with what has been lost, what still remains and where he must go from here.


Reviews: A+ 2 Fans
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