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Totem Blue

Totem Blue
1:30:00 | 2010

Categories: Comedy, Drama

Inside the dream there's a mystery - Massimo and Willy have been friends for a long time. Willy's father died because of an incurable disease and his family remains in debt.  He asks Massimo to go with him to an emerging local boss (a woman) to propose a video game project. The boss is not interested at all, but she understands that Willy is a skilled hacker. When Willy and Massimo decide to go downtown to have fun, they meet Semira and Brigitta in the middle of the traffic. The four of them start a provoking, stimulating game ending with a passionate and intense relationship on the seaside. When they wake up, they find a killed man they call Pops.

They made a tattoo on the man's back, a totem similar to Willy's video game figure, under which there are some tribal symbols that conceal bank deposits  Willy skillfully takes a lot of money from bank deposits, but this makes them feel guilty because they are exploiting poor Pops to grab dirty money; Willy justifies their actions but saying that they are all abandoned to themselves. As they are being followed by the Police, they feel obliged to bury Pops. They believe that everything has got an end but money belongs to the boss who wants revenge. Massimo and Willy are totally powerless and aware that they won't never escape the boss's rage and so they carry out a final act...


Reviews: C- 5 Fans
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